HandyHook O-ring and oil seal removal tool, Absolutely Scooters & Supply
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HandyHook O-ring and oil seal removal tool

HandyHook O-ring and oil seal removal tool

This versatile multi-purpose hook tool is great for removing o-rings, oil seals, & light spring pulling when working on scooter engines.  Great for getting stuff out of tight places and has many great uses around the house too.


HandyHook (tm)

Remove hair from sink and tub drains without the use of harmful chemicals.

This versatile tool has many uses:

  • Hairs in Sink Drains
  • Hairs in Tub drains
  • Hairs in Vacuum Cleaner Inlets
  • Pick up similar objects from difficult to reach places
  • Stainless steel - Will Not Rust
  • Many more uses you can discover

The HandyHook is a simple yet versatile indispensable tool. Removing hair from drains, cleanser, showers and bath has never been easier.

The bend in HandyHook allows the hook to easily pass into the drain without even having to remove the stopper. Simply insert the hook into the drain past the stopper. Maneuver the handle to hook the hair in the drain. Carefully pull the hair out of the drain. No more problem!

It actually can save you money because you may remove hair without using expensive and environment 'unfriendly' chemical drain products.