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About Us

Welcome to the Absolutely Scooters & Supply website!

Fed up with the high Gas prices and fueled by love of the two wheeled vehicles, we have came up with the scooter solution. We are a Real Dealership with a Real location that you can come and see and test drive Real Street Legal Scooters. We are not just a website offering resale of someone else's wares for a markup. You can come to us, take delivery from us and count on us to get you a great deal on a scooter that will save you money and serve you well for years to come.

In addition to Scooters, much of our country's and our world's demand on energy can be lowered if everyone took an initiative to go green. Scooters make efficient use of energy for transportation, but we try to take things one step further. We feel powering your homes energy needs is just as important as other energy needs. We heat our home with a renewable source of energy(wood) and supplement our electrical needs with Wind and Solar energy. Whether it is the simple use of reusable grocery bags or full blown green residences and electric vehicles, if everybody does a little more to conserve our resources we can help preserve our world for our Children's Children and beyond.

There are many products out there that are not branded with these names that look almost Identical. The difference is quite simple. Many of them are manufactured with inferior internal parts, leaving you high and dry when they break down. Don't be fooled by a company offering the same pictured product missing the guarantee or the name brand, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. The shells for these scooters are mass produced in China and sold to thousands of manufacturers. Some manufacturers have strict parts sourcing requirements, most do not. And almost all of them do not have avenues to get replacement parts.

We are a Ma & Pa organization with very high respect for our customers. We have owned several businesses throughout the years, selling everything from Home Improvements, General contracting, to online sales of electronics and household items on eBay and Amazon. Please view our eBay feedback for a public forum of how we take care of our customers. Many of these sales were small amounts and many were over a thousand dollars, all of those customers are important to us, and almost all of them are satisfied with our transactions with several repeat customers. It isn't just about the business, it is about the business relationship, & We look forward to forming a business relationship with you!!