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Why buy a scooter from us
Why Buy From Us

Have you seen the internet websites offering scooters for sale( there might even be some advertising on this web page) ?  Do you believe that vehicle is ready to ride after simply taking it out of a crate? Have you seen used car dealers and auto parts stores all of a sudden offering scooters for sale?  Do you wonder who is going to stand behind the product with 2 wheels that you are trusting your life on out in traffic?  Do Honda, Suzuki & Yamaha dealers tell you that the Chinese pro

duct is all junk and that parts aren't available?  Do they tell you that they service these bikes and buy the parts from Absolutely Scooters, why would they?

Lets shed some light on why you should buy from a experienced Scooter Dealer, such as Absolutely Scooters & Supply.  We are the ones one that specialize in CScooter Girl 2012hinese scooters, and we are good at it.

Lets talk about internet bikes 1st.  Do you think there is a reason those bikes are so cheap?  Well there is, and it isn't because they are Chinese.  Importers here in the US call on Chinese companies to build them a container full of the cheapest scooters they can get so they can sell them on the internet.  They may look just like the ones you get at dealers, but the functional parts are the ones they cut corners on.  Things like engines, gears, bearings, carburetors, batteries, belts, spark plugs, cables, tires, things that are not noticeable to an untrained eye, will be lower grade.  Then the website sells these for a year or so, vanishes and starts a new website to avoid having to stand behind the product they sold.

At Absolutely Scooters we thoroughly go through every scooter we set-up and sell.  We actually open the motor on every single scooter we sell.  If we see inferior parts, which we are very good at spotting, we replace them.  We only buy from vendors that we trust and have a good track record.  We offer a limited 1 year parts and labor warranty on all of our new Street Legal Scooters.  We currently only carry models that are common and that we can get body parts for or that we keep in stock.  The Engine, Drive-train and Electrical parts we keep in stock. We service anything we sell and more.  We stock more parts than most scooter importers do.

We can talk about the apparent no sales tax on that internet purchase, but you will pay it when you go to register and title it.  On average internet sales only save you $200-$300 for a product that supposedly has a warranty, that no service center will likely honor.

So if you want to save a few hundred bucks up front and pay us to fix it later, go ahead.  But if you would like to buy a product that you can trust and ride from day one, come on in and lets see what scooter fits your needs.  We are here to serve you, we are good at it and our customers will attest to it.  References furnished upon request.


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